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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

"Digest RC® a potent natural supplement regulating digestion"

by Magdalena Wojciechowska, MD.

Abstract Digest RC® is an herbal OTC supplement used in Central Europe since 1950s. Its wide range of effectiveness helps to regulate different digestive disorders. Like Aspirin, Digest RC® can be found in almost every household. Because of its history of safe use DigestRC® is generally accepted as the best digestant available.

To identify the range of effectiveness of Digest RC® a group of 56 patients suffering from different digestive disorders were studied. Their results were recorded on a specially prepared questionnaire that showed, on a scale from 1 to 5, the frequency and intensity of symptoms before and after treatment with Digest RC®. The results showed statistically significant improvement (decrease of symptoms), during or after treatment with Digest RC®, as compared to the symptomologic scores when the patient kept a similar diet without the use of Digest RC®.

Introduction Digest RC® is an herb supplement taken on the advice of a physician or taken independently by patients to control the function of the digestive system. Its components are cholepoietic and cholagogic and stimulate peristalsis of intestines. Digest RC® speeds up digestion of fats and prevents stagnasis of food in intestines. As a result Digest RC® prevents esophagal cholestasis, acid reflux and feeling of fullness. The product is also antibacterial and spasmolitic. It decreases digestive tract tension and can stop mild diarrhea. Digest RC® can also alkalize the gastric content.

Digest RC® is recommended to patients who suffer from cholecystolithiasis, chronic cholecystisis and cholecystopathy as well as for those who don't have any morphological pathologies of digestive system but suffer from a malfunctioning of their digestive system such as constipation, or simply problems caused by consumption of heavy foods resulting in bloating and excessive fullness (effect of too slow process of cholepoiesis comparing to quantity and quality of taken food).

Digest RC® is also used by the patients who have trouble with side effects after taking strong medications for their cardiovascular, respiratory, or musculoskeletal problems. It prevents stomach pains and heartburn (acid reflux) as well as constipation. There are no direct contradictions in taking this digestant.

Materials and Methods To analyze the therapeutic effectiveness of Digest RC®, 56 patients with chronic digestive problems were chosen at random. Their symptoms were scored on a scale from #1-5 (listed below), based on their frequency and severity. All the patients were using Digest RC® for a minimum period of three months. Scale of symptoms:

1= Do not suffer from this symptom at all 2= Suffer Occasionally (less then 2 times a week) but is a mild symptom 3= Suffer occasionally, and when I do it is severe 4= Suffer frequently, but it is a mild symptom 5= Suffer frequently, and when I do it is severe

Results Two different sets of test results were obtained from each patient. One set of scores documented the symptologic conditions of the patients during the time period without the use of Digest RC®, another represented scores during the time when the patients regularly used the Digest RC® therapy. During the time of the entire study, patients stayed on their standard non altered diet. Scores of all patients without exception were used in the final calculations.

Table #1. Average of both scores of tested population, plotted against each other.

Mean scores of tested population before (without Digest RC® and during three months treatment with Digest RC®. Results showed statistically significant improvement in the patients symptoms during the supplemental treatment in each tested symptom classification.

Table #2. Distribution of symptoms among tested population

The most frequent and strongest symptoms experienced by the studied patients were: bloating (84%), abdominal pains and cramps (77%), stomach pains and cramps (70%), constipation (66%), and heartburn (57%).

Table #3. Digest RC® proved to be helpful in each of the eight categories of symptoms tested

Digest RC® was the most successful in eliminating the most frequently occurring symptom: gas, in over 95% of the cases. Symptoms such as constipation, intestinal pains and cramps, heartburn (acid reflux), and stomach pains and cramps, were helped or completely eliminated in over 90% of the cases. Bloating was helped in over 80%. Diarrhea in about 75%, and nausea, vomiting approximately 65%.

Graph #4. Number of patients in different age groups

Graph #5. Percentage of men and women in the sample

Digest RC® is used mainly by patients 45 to 65 years old (Graph #4), and primarily by women (Graph #5). Digest RC® is taken also by patients suffering from different respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disorders.

Summary Digest RC® is an herbal supplement taken by patients suffering from a variety of digestive disorders such as: bloating, intestinal pains and cramps, stomach pains, constipation and heartburn (acid reflux). Acting as a strong support in the process of digestion, Digest RC® alleviates a great majority of these symptoms. By regulating digestion, Digest RC® minimizes the assimilation of undigested toxic products, which often stay in the gut for a prolonged period of time. Due it's cholepoietic and cholagogic abilities, Digest RC® aids digestion of fats, therefore preventing stagnasis of food and bloating. That's why Digest RC® is recommended for patients whose diet is rich in animal protein and fat. As there are no specific contraindications, Digest RC® can be taken together with any medication. Its prophylactic abilities can't be underestimated either. Speeding up the process of cholekinasis, it also prevents formation of gallstones particularly of a cholesterol origin.

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