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Digest RC® is a popular herb supplement known on the pharmaceutical market for many years. It is greatly appreciated by wide range of patients, particularly those, who experience several painful and unpleasant symptoms of digestive disorders. To prevent and control these unwanted signs of digestive problems it became necessary to find proper substance, which would be of plant origin. This substance, in turn, would help cholepoietic and cholagogic processes so important in digestion.

by Prof. Dr. Eliza Lamer-Zurawska, University of Wroclaw, School of Medicine

Produced in Poland’s Herbapol, Raphacholin (Digest RC®) is a successfully created mixture of substances, well described and documented, that is cholepoietic, cholagogic, hepatoprotective, and antioxidant. The components of Raphacholin (Digest RC®) are root of Radix raphani nigri, Herba cynarae, Herba abrotani, Oleum menthae as well as dehydrocholic acid (cholic's origin). Primary Raphacholin (Digest RC®) was composed only with substances found in extract of Radix raphani nigri (glukosans - izosulphuric compounds that worked cholepoietic and cholagogic and antibacterial), Oleum menthae (with a similar spectrum of work) and large amounts of dehydrocholic acid, known for its effective cholagogic features (one pill contained equal amounts of dehydrocholic acid and dry extract of Radix). The pill was constructed in such a way that it was very effective in cholepoietic and cholagogic processes and, in a smaller degree, worked as hepatoprotection.

The product reached great popularity because of its effectiveness in curing digestive disorders (mainly in the case of malfunctioning fat digestion) that were caused by lack of adequate amounts of bile. The symptoms correlating with these disorders were bloating and cramps (particularly after heavy foods, reach in animal fat), nausea, feeling of overfull ness and constipation or diarrhea. These symptoms are very common mainly among elderly people; overweight or people suffering from weak cholepoiesis or patients that went through the cholecystectomy.

Unpleasant symptoms increased in intensity and frequency after prolonged periods of treatment with synthetic medications (chemioterapeutics) or antibiotics. Symptoms also increased after dealing with toxic substances like alcohol, heavy metals or bacterial toxins, viral hepatitis or prolonged stress.

Digestion disorders, caused by inadequate cholepoiesis, are very common and experienced by many people, particularly the elderly. Raphacholin (Digest RC®), therefore, has a high social value and is becoming a common supplement to an everyday diet. It regulates digestion of foods (both animal and even plant origin); particularly foods described as heavy (including "fast foods" and from the grill). There was a need to improve the content of Raphacholin (Digest RC®) because of the requirement to use it on a regular basis in order to stimulate the process of the digestive system. Dehydrocholic acid is of animal origin (belongs to organic products). There is a world's trend to withdraw animal products (for many reasons, also epidemically) and exchange them with substances of plant origin. That is why Poland’s Herbapol introduced the new product, a variation of Raphacholin (Digest RCDigestRC®) therefore naming it Raphacholin C (Digest RC®) and AC. These supplements are more effective; their composition is equivalent than the first product. These new supplements also contain two additional ingredients: Artichoke and Herba abortani, which are antioxidant and antisclerotic.

The new ingredients increased the effectiveness and attractiveness of Raphacholin (Digest RC®) in geriatric treatments as well as in prophylactic of sclerosis and its side effects (concerning circulatory system). The composition of new products: Raphacholin C (Digest RC®), including extract of Radix Raphani nigri, is developed from extract of Artichoke. Raphacholin AC also contains extract from Herba abrotani. Such a composition allowed a major decrease (almost in half) in the amounts of dehydrocholic acid in Raphacholin C (Digest RC®) and total elimination of that component in Raphacholin AC, with remaining good effect as cholepoietic and cholagogic product. It also gained new necessary features such as antisclerotic and antioxidant, antibacterial and antihepatotoxic as well as mild diarrheatic.

The valuable medical properties of new ingredients: Herba cynarae is derived from Cynara scolymus, a plant often cultivated in the Mediterranean. After discoveries of interesting and wanted in modern phitotherapy substances that worked antisclerotic (mainly fenoacids) in that plant, Artichoke became well studied plant (clinical studies proved that active compounds of this plant caused major decrease in total cholesterol and lipids, without side effects). The active ingredients of the Artichoke are mainly phenol compounds, like mentioned above, phenol acids- derivative of coffee acid and cinchonic acid- as well as flavonoids and betasitosterol and other fitosterols. Those substances are strongly choleretic, cholagogic and generally antitoxic. They make sugar compounds simpler to oxidize, they lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood and therefore prevent developing sclerosis of the blood vessels. A variety of Artichoke extracts are recommended to patients suffering digestive disorders caused by insufficient amounts of bile as well as by the malfunctioning of fat digestion processes such as in arteriosclerosis and diabetes. Artichoke extracts also contain properties that aid in the regeneration of liver tissue (hepatoprotective) and act as antidote to different kinds of toxins causing damage to the liver. These extracts also increase counter poisoning properties of the liver to alcohol, including some heavy metals and uric acid. Artichoke is also recommended to reduce infection of gallbladder, after cholecystectomy, cholecystolithiasis, damage to the liver and as an additional treatment in other diseases such as malfunctioning of kidneys, hyperlipoproteinemia or vessel sclerosis and diabetes. Known for many years for its medical properties, Herba abrotani is derived from Artemisia abrotanum. Herba abrotani’s ingredients are hydroksykumarina (mainly isofraksydyn), poliphenols (phenolacids, flavonoids), and gentian. All of which improve digestion. Their features are cholepoietic and cholagogic (mainly because of the hydroksykumaryn). Gentians, that are part of the plant, increase secretion of gastric and pancreatic juices. Poliphenols (flavonoids, katechins, and phenol acids) are anti-inflammatory creating good environment to rid the liver’s tissues of unwanted and dangerous materials.

Indications to use products of Herba abortani are: insufficient production of bile, cholestagnasis, improper digestion, low acidity, and as an additional treatment in the infection of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. Therapeutically properties of Raphacholin C (Digest RC®) and AC point to a very wide range of usefulness in a variety of digestive disorders, mainly among elderly. In this aspect, the new products will have a chance to become almost "necessary" supplements to a diet that is rich in animal fat, fried food, and fast food.

Raphacholin (Digest RC®) is the product that will not lessen our concerns in keeping a good diet, but if we make a dietary lapse, it can aid us in the process of the proper digestion.

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