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Special Offer for Healthcare Practitioners

Digest RC+: Helps Digestion, Elimination & Liver

Digest RC+ is a unique, all-natural herbal supplement. Digest RC+ is specially designed to alleviate various digestive symptoms, and with regular use, to strengthen overall digestion and elimination.

Digest RC+ Strengthens a Weakened Digestive System
So what’s the secret to strengthening digestion? Dr. Pasula answers this question. “Digest RC+ is the only digestive remedy I’ve ever found that actually strengthens and normalizes digestion with continued use. This is in addition to its ability to relieve symptoms. That’s why I recommend it so frequently and so strongly.”

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The normal wholesale price for Digest RC+ is $13 per bottle plus shipping (MSRP $29 per bottle). For a limited time Digest RC+ is available to healthcare practitioners for only $10.00 per bottle (minimum order 10 bottles) and  shipping charges are included.


To order please complete the form below.  After submission of your order and information an invoice will be emailed to you where payment can be made.


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